How We’re Organized

Kay Nou is well on its way to building powerful, collaborative approaches that leverage the expertise of our organization and network while simultaneously engaging stakeholders in our target communities. Ensuring that the full participation and contribution of Haiti’s residents are at the forefront of all of our programs is not only paramount to Kay Nou’s success as an organization, but it is an integral part to empowering the communities that we serve. The collective results will ensure appropriate monitoring, program development and job creation.

Kay Nou’s organizational model has adapted to the challenges unearthed by the devastating January 12 earthquake which destroyed the majority of government buildings and the country’s already weak infrastructure. This natural disaster created tremendous challenges which adversely impact the hopes of the Haitian population and the future of the country. In addition to the earthquake, recent hurricanes and other natural disasters rendered the country unable to meet the basic quality of life needs for the majority of its citizens – especially in the rural communities. To that end, we created the goals listed below to continue to develop and implement comprehensive initiatives with the end goal of community revitalization through strategic partnerships in Haiti and abroad.

  • Relevancy: assessing the degree to which KayNou addresses the specific needs of target communities
  • Efficacy: determining the measurable impact on the lives of individuals by assessing Kay Nou outputs and outcomes
  • Competency: Clearly identify the core competencies of Kay Nou’s operations and how it relates to our mission
  • Economic Viability: evaluating sustainability of funding and entrepreneurial endeavors to support our initiatives
  • Synergy: creating collaborative energy across all of our operating principles and partnerships.