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 Kay Nou and Farm Haiti NOW have partnered to form Project E.A.T. – Education. Agriculture. Technology.

Through Kay Nou, this program will provide an educational scholarship to 6 of Korektho’s best students.

Farm Haiti will work with these children’s family to provide farming and agricultural support.

Lastly, students will participate in a mentoring program through video chats, not only opening their minds but allowing them to dream beyond their current worlds. 


Meet our Kay Nou Kids at The Korektho School in Thomonde Haiti.


 This is Caloline.

She is 12 years old and has 4 brothers and sisters. Caloline’s parents are currently in the Dominican Republic for work, so she currently resides with her grandmother in Thomonde and attends the Korektho School.

 She is one of Korektho’s stellar students. Of all her subjects, Caloline loves reciting her daily lessons in French the most. She is full of spunk and is pretty good at playing futbol. Her favorite sport though is basketball. She is a talented dancer and recently her self stated greatest achievement was dancing for her church group. She would also love to try new things such as learning to play the guitar. Caloline aspires to be a nurse because she likes to care for others but was intrigued to find out that women could also be Doctors. As her daily chores, Caloline helps her grandmother by fetching water, cooking and cleaning and washing their laundry at the local river. When she is not in school or caring for chores she loves to play with her dolls. Her favorite color is orange.

 Your support enables Caloline to continue her education and reach her academic goals.

Meet Frandy.  

He is 17 years old and another stellar student at the Korektho School. He is the middle child of 6 siblings; 3 which attend Korektho.

His favorite subject in school is Social Studies and he would like to learn to play the guitar. Frandy loves to play soccer, cards and draw. His favorite color is black. He is an exceptional math student and his self stated greatest achievement occurred when he came back to school one morning after being out sick for 2 weeks to find a math problem that had been on the chalk board unsolved by any other student in school. He solved it that day. He hopes to study medicine and become a doctor but is eager to see what the world has to offer and would jump at the opportunity to explore new things.

Your support enables Frandy to continue his education and reach his academic goals.




Meet Landi.

At 8 years old, she is the youngest of the Kay Nou Kids group at Korektho. Landi has 1 brother & 7 sisters and lives in Thomonde with her parents. She says that she loves all her classes just the same and shows exceptional aptitude for advanced mathematics. She aspires to be a nurse one day and her self stated greatest achievement was fixing a television that previously only produced sound but no image. 

This gem is a talented artists who loves to draw but would also like to take singing lessons and learn to play the piano. She enjoys playing games and futbol with her friends and siblings but enjoys riding bicycles the best. Her favorite pastime is watching movies and her color is green.

Sponsoring Landi’s education empowers her to set new goals for herself and achieve them.




 This is Nagela.

She is 15 years old. Nagela is the oldest of her 3 brothers and lives with her parents in Thomonde. She has done quiet well at Korektho and she might be skipping a grade if she performs well on her exams this year. Her favorite subject is Math and has interests in becoming an Engineer one day. Her self stated greatest achievement was having the highest GPA the first semester of this year.

 She is interested in learning to play an instrument and eager to see what the world has to offer. Her favorite sport is volleyball but also enjoys such pastimes as hopscotch and horseback riding. Nagla’s favorite color is blue.

Sponsoring Nagela’s education ensures that she will acquire the tools needed to reach her goals.





 Meet Richenord.

This bright student is 15 years old. Richenord has 3 older brothers & 5 sisters. His parents live in another town, so he currently resides with his cousin in Thomonde. He constantly challenges himself academically and loves to learn. Richenord’s favorite subjects are French and Math. He’s unsure about what he wants to be when he grows up but is eager to see where life leads him. Recently he has expressed a strong interest regarding pursuing a career in medicine.

 Richenord is a talented artist who loves to draw and his self stated greatest achievement was winning a drawing contest locally. He loves ot play soccer in his spare time. His favorite color is black.

Your support enables Richnord to continue his education and reach his academic and life goals. 








Meet Sofia.

She’s 12 years old. She is the oldest of 5 siblings and resides with her parents in Thomonde.

Sofia’s favorite subjects are French and Math and she’d like to be an Engineer or Nurse one day. Her self stated greatest achievement was having the highest GPA the second semester of this year.  She enjoys singing and loves music when she is not playing with her dolls. Sofia’s favorite color is pink.

Sponsor Sofia’s education today so she can make a change tomorrow.




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