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Click the “Donate” button to purchase Haitian art which will support our fund-raising efforts for the students of Korektho School.


Kay Nou Inc. is a 501(c)3 organization.
Kay Nou is focused on Haiti’s long term needs as we work collaboratively with our partners to rebuild the country one community at a time.  Your generosity and passion coupled with the tenacity of the Haitian people will enable Kay Nou to create and implement initiatives to help Haiti’s youth become contributing members in their respective communities.
We appreciate and thank you for your support.  As you may already know, Haiti was classified as the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere prior to the earthquake – with a significant portion of its population earning only two dollars a day.  Your ongoing support is paramount to securing a stronger and safer future for Haiti’s youth.

Empower a Child Through Education
Did you know that half the population in Haiti is under the age of 18 and 30% of children will not make it to the third grade? Or, that due to circumstances, 60% of children will have to leave school before the 6th grade. Inconceivable?
Join Kay Nou’s Empower a Child Through Education campaign. For less than .96 cents a day, you can provide a child with an education, which is key in breaking the cycle of poverty. Sponsor child’s education today. $350.00 allows a Kay Nou child to attend school fully equipped with texts, supplies, uniforms and in some cases transportation for a year. The education campaign follows the Kay Nou child ensuring progress and success through adulthood, developing the necessary skills for a self sufficient being. Together we can give Haitian youth hope for a better tomorrow.

Kay Nou Inc Education Sponsorship 2012

In early 2012, photo journalist Nadav Neuhaus told the story of rape in Haitian camps after the earthquake. It was then that I first learned about 19 year old Marie Kena and 11 year old Venise – two young and ambitious girls who were raped in their camps. Nine months later, Marie Kena gave birth to her first child in a tent. When asked about her dreams Marie Kena responded, “My dream was that my mom and dad would pay for me to go to university, so I could learn something. I’m interested in being a nurse. (But now) I see my future going horribly.”

I’d like you to meet Marie Kena, Venise and many other young women whose lives have been shaken up and set off track since the earthquake. We all know that literacy and education are paramount in escaping poverty. Through Kay Nou Inc’s scholarship programs, Haiti’s youth acquire the courage and insight to create dreams beyond their circumstances – giving them the opportunity to take a stand and make positive changes in their rural communities.

Help me help Marie Kena and Venise fight adversity and actualize their dreams of a better life. Support education in Haiti. Donate today.

For more on the CNN on the photo story click here .

Fear in the camps from Nadav Neuhaus on Vimeo.


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